Here is a little story about Brag Candy. Our passion it to source Candy you can Brag about..
Having 4 children (3x 6-year-olds Trips and a 9-year-old) under 10 makes shopping in stores a little bit challenging. Just a little bit!

So online shopping for presents has become the thing to do in our house. In saying that, this year I have battled to find a lot of the things I would actually like to get for my kids.

While chatting to my husband – who is actually a web developer, about this we came up with a solution, to create our own online shop – a perfect place for parents to shop for age-appropriate gifts for their kids, and of course pick out something nice for themselves in the process! Without having to go through 1000s of products. We have chosen the best of the best for You and Your kids.

Brag Candy is unique, trendy and fun and we have something for everyone.

So go on and enjoy shopping with us and if there is anything we can help you with just drop us a mail.